Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Lately....

So..I have REALLLY been neglecting my blog, but for good reason :) We have been so busy lately with family and friends that I haven't had much time to sit down at the computer! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to :)

-I started selling Mary Kay! I decided to start selling it under one of my best friends in the world, and future bridesmaid, Eve Reeves :) So far it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

-I found my wedding dress!!! **I am not posting any pictures so that Eric doesn't see it until I walk down the aisle :)) I will say that it is everything I ever imagined and I LOVE it! I will say is definitely 3 things...lace, vintage, classy :)

-My honey also surprised me with roses one day at work :) I went to lunch, came back to my desk, and 3 beautiful roses were there :) I am a lucky, lucky lady...he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, for sure :)

-My little sister got her standing back tuck! Can I just say that she is a beast! (in a good way!) How many 12 year olds do you know that can do this?!
I'm just a little proud of her ;)

-I also attended my first Landry/Duffy Family Reunion! It was a blast and there were LOTS of people there :) I love that Eric's family feels very similar to my dad's side of the family. Huge family, and everyone is loud and fun :) Here is a pic of me and this little cutie swimming 

The Mimuns even came in from Florida! :) Everyone went to Kyoto for dinner and we took up an entire room and had two hibachi chefs!

Cara got to come to Luna Live with us! It was a blast! She even got to meet Tay and Brian! Here are some pics :)

-One of my favorite nights was our sleepover with Gannon and Austyn :) They were so excited to spend the night with Uncle E and Aunt Maegs :)) They are the sweetest little things!! We got to play, watch a movie, make pallets in the living room, and we even all had donuts the next morning ;)

Manny and Marlee LOVED having them over, and having more snuggle buddies :) 
How sweet is this picture?!

-I have been busting my butt in the gym and trying to go every day when I can! Let me just tell you..I just THOUGHT I had been sore from recent workouts until I really started to push myself and did more than I thought I's nice to surprise yourself! 
With that being said...I have felt like this for the past 3 days straight...

So, wish me luck in my endeavor to continue to go to the gym almost every day, even when I have to do the granny shuffle across the house just to walk! lol

-The last thing I will update y'all with is...........................................................

Eric got a promotion!! I cannot even begin to tell you how proud of him I am! He is a full time student AND a full time employee. On top of all that, he has only been with the hospital for 6 months and is already moving up! and did I mention he is ALWAYS amazing to me no matter how busy he is? He is a truly special person and I know he has an incredibly bright future ahead of him! :)) We were both about this excited...

-That's all I have for now lovelys :) Have an amazing week!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

So, I am officially joining the blogging bandwagon! I am super excited, and hope that I can find time to keep up with it regularly. I hope this blog will be a fun way to share our life with family and friends :) Thank goodness for +Shayna Manuel and her help with blogging! Consider this my test post!